Slime Gf would like her hair with some more volume.

Help her grow some!

CONTROLS: Arrows to move, ESC to restart if stuck or bored. SPACE when asked to SPACE.

Made for the GoGodotJam 2021!
This is embarrassing, I thought I had a whole day to test and make more pretty hehe. Now the rats can't even get you... and they teleport still.

Thanks for playing! Don't be a stranger! Leave a comment and check out the links below!

Awesome music by: Hart find him:

and here:

Game made with Godot and Asesprite and here is my twitter if you wish to stay connected, come say hi:

and now Youtube as well!


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This is great! Very much enjoyed this short game. I hope you develop it further and find the title you're looking for. =)


Pretty pixel art and fun game mechanic, trap the monsters :3 great demo and nice soundtrack!


Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! Glad you enjoyed it!


Hey! first off, I love the art. The game play is fun but a bit yanky(it felt like I couldn't push the slimes sometimes).  and I'm not sure if the pipes are there to do something? maybe  they are just an obstacle?

I think it has great potential, keep up the good work :D


Hey! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
It is yanky yes lol. The idea with the pipes was: "connect them and the water will flow, and the exit will appear" the rats was supposed to be just a bonus extra.
Turned out the other way to submit in a rush hehe



I adore your art style and the color palette is great! :)

from a technical standpoint you should have used a Y-Sort Node, so that the player is not rendered below the slime box. That's a bit confusing at first.

And there is not much variety in the gameplay at the moment. Most levels felt the same. I guess you have planned a lot more, cause I also don't see how the repair of the pipes pays out.

Nevertheless I had fun playing your game. Great work! :)


Hello! Thanks for dropping by! 

Haha yes

I agree- Ysorts and a few weeks with Z- Index could really retain player immersion... but my lack of scheduling and planning has led to this ("why are we here- just to suffer?")

You are 100% correct! The leves are basically the same- no sequence, difficulty ramp, or pipes being programmed correctly. 

Thank you for playing- glad you had fun! 

And cheers for dropping a sweet comment!

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Love the art! nice and simple game, the animations are phenomenal! the detail to your art and color choice, are so great! i hope to get to that level someday! the gameplay was nice and simple! this will sound odd, but i felt like a bee lol i was gathering food for my slime queen ha ha , but overall great game! great color choice!

Haha, the bee is a nice idea- i can use this!

Thank you! I'm really happy you've enjoyed this! I rushed to publish it but its something and playable so that's awesome!

For the art I tried numerous iterations to reach the arts and the the Slime Queen (cool name thanks! But does she know the way?), duplicating my frame and changing something slightly. This way I had many different stages of the Queen- so I used them as inbetweeners towards the growing animation. Very useful skill I aim to explore further.

Thanks for dropping by, the comment and your support!


that's a great strategy for animation! I didn't think of that! Even though you rushed to publish it still came out great! I'm glad you decided to publish this amazing game