still a WIP no time :D

Make calls to find Missing "Missus Time".

(now, nothing works, so there is no win condition, nor the maths behind the game are completed, soooooo better than submitting nothing I suppose :D)

I would still value your feedback if you take the time to play it,

well, feedback on whatever is available at the moment, hopefully through the weekend it will be completed.



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Nice aestetic!

But I got a bit lost :D I'm guessing when you talk to the different Peter's a dialogue should pop up?

Reguarding feedback, I'm guessing that you are using images for the crisp looking text and in-engine components for the "not so crisp looking"(e.g the battery life number) ones?

Not sure what engine you are using but at least for unity there is an extension called TextMeshPro that can be used to solve this problem(I'm sure other engines have some equivelent of it).

So nice sprites ! :o
Gj !