(Press ESC if you want to keep fighting in the fields)

"A new study shows that tree shrews are the only known non-human mammal to deliberately seek out spicy food."

Therefore this guy is looking for all the Seven Spices.

Any tips to improve are greatly appreciated! Thanks for playing!

Awesome music by: Hart find him:

and here:

Game made with Godot and Asesprite and here is twitter if you wish:

and now Youtube as well!


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This game is really cool, I love the idea behind it and the character sprite (any character with a big sword is a tick in my books). As you say the game is quite buggy, just to help here are some I found:

- I don't know what room 2 is all about, it has a different character sprite and the movement is different and I can't attack or roll. I feel you could have transitioned strait form the title screen to the 3rd room.

- The depth system is a bit weird, might be due to how big your sprites are I dont know, if you are using GameMakerStudio2 then I can help you. Move the origin of the sprites to the bottom center and then in the step event for every creature and entity you want to have depth just type: depth = -bbox_bottom. Its just a quick fix and for anything outside a big commercial release it should hold up fine.

- In the third room I cant find what to do next, I think it might be something to do with the camera, idk, but after I have killed everything I dont know where to go and there isnt an end sequence  or anything.

Cool game though. I am looking forward to what comes out of this