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Sweet & Juicy Animated GUI asset pack is here! 
Spice things up in your games by purchasing this handcrafted pixel pack. Use the still image sprites, or implement the whole animated sequences!

It includes 30+ animations:

  • Health 11 x (20 frames).

    • Health Regeneration/Heal + Idle shine + Bounce. 
    • Health Damage.
    • Poisoned.
    • Decay Damage.
    • Poison Regeneration/Heal.
    • Burn.
    • Fire Damage.
    • Burn Regeneration/Heal.
    • Freeze.
    • Frost Damage.
    • Freeze Regeneration/Heal.
  •  Mana Crystals and  Energy Ambers (6 + 6) x 12 frames.
    • Idle shine.
    • Fill.
    • Use/Break.

  • Meat and Monster Meat (4 + 4) x 19 frames (some similar to create the effect you see on the preview GIF) .

    • Fill.
    • Idle shine.
    • Eaten.
    • Bones rattling.

  • Buttons and switches with hover, pressed / toggled animations.

  • Frames and panels to create menus and text boxes, and arrows for ammo system. 

PNG files available:

Health, Mana, Energy, Meat:
Separated based on animations (16x16 tiles, varying frames ~20 each).
In a BIG Sprite sheet (16x16 & 32x32).
Separated based on animations. All colours and shapes are presented on the GIF above.
Separated based on type:
Normal Button: 192 x 32,
Big Button 256 x 32, 
Switch 256 x 16,
Small Button 128 x 32


[tl;dr: I made them (of course), they are yours to do what you want with after you buy, but also the same is true for every other buyer.]

After purchasing, you will hold non-exclusive license to use these assets for personal as well as commercial use. That means, you as well as other buyers will have the same rights to use these assets.

  • Please do not redistribute these assets! It took a lot of love and care in making these unique animations (and many sleepless nights. Many.)
  • Credit is not essential, but appreciated! I would love if you just popped a quick message to me somewhere with your game or project.
  • Feel free to contact me with any ideas or concerns!

Discord: spoonsweet #7622

This is asset pack is part of the Fantasy Asset Collab Bundle!

If you wish to get MOAR ART check out the link, it's basically a steal! 



Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sweet n Juicy Spritesheet 16x16.png 73 kB
Sweet n Juicy Spritesheet 32x32.png 125 kB
Sweet n Juicy Animated GUI Asset Pack by spoonsweet.zip 294 kB


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Oh these are just crunchy and gorgeous! Can't pay now but hopefully in the future. I'm definitely coming back for this :)

Thanks for the kind words! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
Any tips, ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated, even from the way the page is structured etc :D

nah man, I wish my pixel arts were this good. Page looks great as is!