Control your sneezes with SPACE. You can push the small stacks of hay with SPACE and arrow keys. Maybe it won't work in Fullscreen mode. (It works better if you stand on top or beneath it. You have to wait for Sneezes to fill in.

Failure is progress: When you get caught you are forced to train, increasing your skills and the appearance of the character.

Thank you for giving it a go! The game is a little buggy and a good deal of art got rushed and left out :D

(the magic number is 10 if you are getting bored).

Made for the WOWie Jam 3.0 during a 72 hour period.

I am pleasantly surprised I managed to introduce and carry out many of my ideas.

Awesome music by: Hart
find him:

and here:

Game made with Godot and Asesprite and here is twitter if you wish:

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