The Phoenix rises early, with different colour palette and more animations! 

A lack of clear goals, so just walk around and explore, changing your temperature to suit your needs.

(For some reason the background tiles are all blurry, too tired to try and fix.)

Hints: (Use the X, button to burn stuff, and the Z if you want to cheat)

Everything drawn in Asesprite and Bosca Ceoil used for the music.

Made for:  Top-Down Jam for Quarantine! The host was gracious to allow for us to reuse assets, thanks Hamboneboy42!


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Great stuff mate, mad style.

Blurry tiles fix is - use a screen resolution that fits exactly the number of tiles on screen and use pixel snap in the project settings 

Rendering > Quality > 2D > Use Pixel Snap

Thank you again for this helpful comment! After 10 months, I came back to see where to find the settings you suggested :D

Have a lovely day!


Love the colours, the music and the general  atmosphere. Nice work.