My first game! Gather the feathers but nothing happens.

"young Pheonix will have to prove its weight in this harsh world, while its parent sleeps. If you get cold, you can hatch again stepping in magma. After all: "Every end is a new beginning" (see? I said the thing)

I wish I had more time with this, but it was a great experience!

Used 4 colour pallet to draw all my pixels, using Aseprite. https://www.aseprite.org/

For music it was my first time with Bosca Ceoil, Great fun! https://boscaceoil.net/ (spend at least 4 minutes so you can listen to the whole tune)

tried to "Wake a Widden Wecret Woor" (W is the hint in case you missed it)

Probably you can still transform using "K" or "Space"nas I was still testing while I run out of time. Isn't this a Loss?

Leave a comment if you tried it! I would love to hear about your short and painful experience! Also, I would love to hear of any great tutorials or tips that helped you develop, I'm pretty peripheral with the community, have been mostly using HeartBeast tutorials to create this.

(all artwork is original, otherwise font used, made by:

codeman38 | cody@zone38.net | http://www.zone38.net/


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Love the art it's super cute. Pheonix was my first idea for this jam so I instantly felt a rapport with this. Keep up the good work!