Something is missing from Chef Bear's soup-concoction! (Press SPACE)

Search the land for outlandish ingredients! (You can only carry 3 each time. Then you get full and have to... unload your food back)

(The enemies that are bugs... well they are buggy...)

The parallax background needs also some work.

Sometimes when you feed, the animation doesn't play.

Any tips to improve are greatly appreciated! Thanks for playing!

Awesome music by: Hart find him:

and here:

Game made with Godot and Asesprite and here is twitter if you wish:

and now Youtube as well!


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Oh dear the art is just ADORABLE! I love your animations and I just love the art style! Short simple and sweet game but a good play nonetheless :)

Great job! you've really improve in this one! I only encounterd 2 issues, the clouds keep popping in n out when i would jump, and some of the enemies got stuck, otherwise great job spoonsweet