This is a mess of a "game". But I did spend a week working on it, and you are here.
My scope was way off, and I did learn new things with this Jam.

So thank you for being here! I tried to leave instructions,
if it crashes, you can always reload the page (until I finally figure out how to reset  :D )

Have a look around, "play" what you can
and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

1) Please wait until the level loads.
2) If you want a different map, press SPACE (and wait again). WARNING! If you press SPACE when playing, the game will most likely crash.
2) Press R/T to spawn a player (keep spamming for company!)
3) X to spawn NPC people and ZOOM out here again

Nothing you can do other than explore and try the procedural generation of the different maps. I would suggest spawning just one player if your computer lags.


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Hi, I liked the music! I had a hard time playing because I'm on a 4k monitor and it didn't really scale. You might just be able to fix that in your project settings.