IT MIGHT TAKE A WHILE TO LOAD! Thanks for your patience!

Use space to interact with stuff!

(you have to find the way out (by approaching strange creatures).

Couldn't fit everything in, hope you enjoy this trip in this labyrinth!

(If anyone can help me program checkpoints, you will save future players from frustration :D )

Game made with Godot and Asesprite for the GWJ 30!

Awesome music by: Hart 

find him:

and here:

Could be better, had fun animating and drawing the everythings!


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That's some lovely artwork, nice one!

A very simple checkpoint implementation would be to have a Node2D as a respawn point, then when the player enters an Area2D, you can heve the respawn point move to the player's position. When the player dies, reload the map, but keep the respawn point where it is, and move the player there once the map's reloaded (or you can not reload the map, and have the gamestate stay the same).

There are lots of little tweaks you could add on, like storing whether certain buttons should spawn pressed or not depending on the checkpoint reached.

I'm not sure how clear that is, but I hope it helps!


Hey! Thank you! That is awesome and makes sense! I will try it out and let you know! Thanks for dropping by and leaving the hint :D

Thanks for the solution! It works!