SPACE to jump, X will also be used when prompted.

Has a few bugs. Keep the bees.

A submission for the GDKO round 1. Tried to go for a Metroidvania style, where each bee gives a unique ability to the player allowing them to move around the map.

Game made with Godot and Asesprite and here is my twitter if you wish to stay connected, come say hi: and Youtube as well!

Awesome music by: Hart find him:

and here:

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsbee, Metroidvania, Pixel Art


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Great little game! Love the art, as always 😍

Was hoping there would be a secret underneath the first breakable platform 😉


I hear and deliver!
(you can see the secret but hehe)


Don't know why but the rolling is bugged for me

Hey R3 Games! Just the rolling lol? I seem to be having a lot of issues with this :D

What do you mean bugged? Did you press DOWN and X?
Or are you referring to the fact you stay in the air when performing it :D


Didn't realize that it's down + x *facepalm*


Hi spoonsweet,

amazing pixelart as always! :) The coyote jump would be a great addition. And I had difficulties to understand the new skills at first, cause I did not see the arrow in the hint. Maybe it could be visible a bit longer or until the player managed to execute the new skill.

I am already looking forward to further levels! :)

Hey dunkelgrau! Thank you so much for trying the game and staying back with this awesome feedback!
I was thinking of the coyote jump, but left it out. You are right, it should be added as soon as possible!
Lingering messages are also another thing to try!
Truly, thank you for these suggestions!