Use Z and X to move around. 

Bamboo are heavy for small rabbit park employees.

Wild cards: Two buttons, juicy (the timer for speed runs was also not implemented, although it could have been)

Spend hours upon hours drawing and animating. 

Thus, gameplay is basic, but now Win/Loss screens exist!

(if you collide with walls, it will jitter, so try to stay away! Had no time to program a bouncy effect.)


This game is currently unavailable


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Very nice graphics and music. I am a clumsy player, but it's still fun to play!


The graphics are pretty cute! Animations are just sublime, I can tell you put a lot of work into them :)

Thank you! Very kind!


I didn't put a speedrun button but it was not asked by the wildcard. What was asked was "make your game fun to speedrun!", so if you think it is and if you took it into account, you can say you respected the wildcards ;)

oh wow! I never thought of that :D Thanks for point it out!