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Bouncing around this world was fun! I really like the environment you created. It felt surreal, like being inside of a dream. The animations were also really nice, and I am happy to see another 3D game in Godot :)


Nice to see you branch out to 3d as well!

Thank you Calchera! 

I had to try this mechanic, it was my priority!


I enjoyed playing your first ever 3D game. Your art skills shine through even on a 3D environment and I really like how you got a character standing on top of the spiky ball. The movement with just one button was great, especially as you got the automated bounce to it as well and the overall gameplay and sounds are excellent. Hope you do well with this one!


Heyo! Thanks for dropping by and playing the game!

The art isn't mine! I'll have to update the description hehe sorry for the confusion. 

For the moose on the ball, I have to thank Mario Party Chomper mini games hehe

I have to thank family members who gave me feedback to add continued jumps (I had it: jump, stop automatically after the jump)

Do check out the artist for the track!


Great job for your first 3D game!! I really like the mechanic of the game. I couldn't think of why it reminded me of something until I read your description of what inspired the game. You did it justice and made it your own too. There are some interesting bugs here and there but I was still able to enjoy the game to the end. Good job!


Hey Marlin! Thank you for checking out the game! And thanks for the kind words!

What kind of bugs please? If you are referring to the song stopping after 5 minutes and the going back to the first level, that was the initial idea, just executed poorly hehe

It seemed like some of the collectables would keep adding up in the score until I moved away from the original collision location. Some instances did this, some did not. I assumed each collection was only supposed to count once? That might be the only bug I encountered (I forget easily lol. I also played 10 other games at that time. They could've all been running together in my head). Nothing major or game-breaking though.


hehe thank you for trying to remember! 

That does happen, I should program them to not stack so much the models wouldn't be visible :D